What makes mySizzleBox different?

You can place normal one-off orders at mySizzlebox, but what really makes mySizzleBox shine is regular orders. Orders that help vapers get what they want, when they want and without the hassle.

Below are a just few reason why mySizzleBox is the best for you and your vaping needs.

Setup it up once and get on with life

With mySizzleBox there are no more interruptions to your daily routine by having to nip to the local shop, only to struggle to find free parking and then queuing up just to get your eliquid. Nor is there having to remember to go online, navigating to the same website, adding the same products to the same cart and entering the same payment details, over and over again.

Never run out of your favorite eliquid

You won’t find the good eliquids at your local convenience store, or at the big supermarkets. So when you do find an eliquid you like it’s frustrating for it to be out of stock when you need it the most. This is why when you create your SizzleBox, we’ve taken great strides to ensure that what you wanted will always be in stock and delivered when you need it.

A great service, designed around you

You control how much you want to spend and how often you need it. You shape it around you and your vaping budget and style. Plus at any point, you are free to edit the contents of your SizzleBox and change the options to match your evolving vaping needs.

The lowest price on the items you love

Becoming a member of mySizzleBox has many advantages, one is being offered the lowest price possible for the exact same product as everywhere else. We can do this because we invest back into the system that serves you and helps us keep our costs down. These savings we pass directly onto you to enjoy.

No lock in, cancel at any time

We will always strive for the best possible service but, in the unfortunate and rare circumstance you want to leave, then cancelling is as simple as clicking a button. There will be no jumping through hoops or any long drawn out processes to say goodbye.