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Apple Dazzle

Apple Dazzle by I VG (formally known as "I Like VG" and "I Love VG") is a mixture of Limeade and Lemonade poured over slices of red apple.

Apple Fang

This refreshing blend of sweet and sour apples is the perfect all day vape.

Apple Strudel

Apple strudel encrusted in puff pastry with a good drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon-infused brown sugar.

Apple Tart

A wonderful creamy vanilla opening, which leads on perfectly to a subtle yet delicious caramelly, apple flavour; unlike most apple juices it has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with a rich, moreish flavour and a hint of cinnamon. NOTE: The reason for the reduction is the eliquid has gone extremely dark. Some like it like this so the choice is yours if you want to take advantage.

Bad Blood

Sweet, wild blackcurrants mixed with a tiny bit of mint.

Blackcurrant, Spearmint

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Combining Blueberry Jam, vanilla and hints of marshmallow and meringue.

Banoffee – RTC

£5.95 £1.00
A tantalising blend of bananas, caramel and whipped cream.

Beaus’ Affliction

A fruity adventure of strawberry, sweet-tart pomegranate and crisp refreshing pear. Not one fruit overpowers the other and is extremely refreshing and defiantly satisfying.

Beelzebub Short Fill

Sweet blackcurrants and wild raspberries with just the right amount of apple and blackberries to balance it out.

Berry Crush – RTC

£5.95 £1.00
A delicious mix of blackcurrants, raspberries and other tangy berry fruits.

Black Lemonade

Juicy blackcurrants, sweet lemonade and just the right amount ok koolada make for a refreshing combo and the perfect pallet cleanser.


Blackberg by I VG (formally known as "I Like VG" and "I Love VG") features a blend of blueberries and blackcurrants served over Ice.

Blackberry Grape Spritz

A refreshing splash of blackberries infused with sweet purple grapes.


The first scent you get from this bottle is a sweet blackcurrant. When you starting vaping you get the taste similar to that of blackcurrant chew-its. This is a moreish flavour that will be hard to put down. Note: These eliquids have gone past the manufactures best before date. They still taste great though so if this doesn't bother you, go grab yourself a bargain before someone else does!

Blue Ice – RTC

£5.49 £1.00
Blue raspberry with a generous amount of clean menthol for a cooling sensation

Blue Raspberry – RTC

A refreshing raspberry slushie with hints of delicious blueberry.

Blueberry – RTC

£4.99 £0.50
A classic sweetened breakfast waffle base with fruity blueberries on top.


A deliciously mixed fruit punch with intense berry notes.

Boulevard – RTC

£4.99 £1.00
A deliciously mixed fruit punch with intense berry notes.

Bread of Heaven

A combination of a sweet dessert with dried fruit and citrus notes with a very mild tobacco.

Apricot, Lemon, Spice, Tobacco

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