E liquid that changes Flavour!

Get your breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one e-liquid.


mySizzleBox will be releasing, exclusively to their members a revolutionary new e liquid that is set to rock the world and change vaping forever!

Yes, you read it here first, e-liquid that changes flavour during the day!

We recently stumbled across this phenomenon, and couldn’t believe our taste buds. It actually changes flavour as you vape it.

[message_box bg=”#f1f1f1″] Paul Mumford – Director of Vapetronic ltd said: We all tried it, and we all loved it. We just couldn’t get our heads around how it was possible, just that it works and we are so excited to bring something like this to our members![/message_box]


The technology involved is top secret and patent pending, but be reassured that the e liquid is 100% safe by using biodegradable, organic nano flavour particles that are time sensitive upon exposure to air. All the bottles will be 100% European CLP compliant, with up to date nicotine assays and GCMS testing being done on each batch, going above and beyond standard procedures. Plus we will be try to use flavours that do not appeal to children, such as bacon, early grey tea and roast beef with mustard, albeit many of those flavours are boring even to adults so expect super yummy ones in the second phase.

If you have any questions about this revolutionary e liquid then please contact us at af@mysizzlebox.com where we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.