Becoming a SizzleBox Supa user is FREE to those who want it.

There are no silly gimmicks and it’s a real membership with real value.
We wanted to reward our loyal members so we created the SizzleBox Supa user. Being bestowed this entitlement will lead to great things and is our way to say thank you for your continued support at mySizzleBox.

What do you get for being a SizzleBox Supa user?

Get a standard 10% off all products.

Extra discounts on selected products.

Our price match guarantee**

Early access to new products & deals.

Priority service.

How do I become a Supa user?

Simple, just spend £30* over 2 months with us first. The £30 can be in one order, or over several orders, but once you hit the requirements you will be given free membership so you can enjoy all the benefits on any further orders you place with us.

Will being a Supa user expire?

To keep your Supa user status you will need to spend at least £30* every 2 months. This will be calculated from the last order placed with us. e.g. Your last order was on 5th January, so your Supa user status will expire on the 4th March if you don’t meet the requirements.

TOP TIP: If you create a SizzleBox with recurring products you can ensure that you will automatically meet these requirements.

How will I know I’m a Supa user?

When you reach the requirements to be a SizzleBox Supa user we will email you to let you know. We will adjust any prices within your recurring SizzleBoxes for you, meaning a) you will always get the best price and b) if you hit the requirements while you have recurring products in your SizzleBoxes then you get to lock in those prices as well.
Oh, and when you are logged into your account the ‘Your Price’ on the product pages will highlight the SUPA pricing as well.

I have more questions to ask

Then give us a shout by heading over to the contact us page.

** Conditions apply
* Excluding delivery